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Artist Spotlight

Mo Crone

“My art is always influenced by my experiences past and present: especially my family, and location. After 13 years of living “la dolce vita” in Italy, I am currently calling Portsmouth, VA home.”

“I was educated at The College of William and Mary (B.A., Fine Arts Minor) and Virginia Commonwealth University (graduate studies, Art Education). My life as a military child, wife, mom, and “frequent flier” has been my most enriching teacher, though. I like to mix my media often, depending on my mood and (more importantly) availability of materials wherever I may be. I have worked extensively in acrylics on canvas, painted furniture, and jewelry design; but my real passion is ceramics. I hand-build sculptures and 3-D paintings on clay, these days, in my garage studio.” 

“I love to paint the places I’ve seen and felt, filtered through my imagination and memory. It is my hope that my work touches the viewer with a sweet memory of happy times in a sunny place.”

-Mo Crone

Artist spotlight

Carren Clarke-McAdoo

A native of Richmond, Virginia, Carren Clarke-McAdoo is also a native to the oldest art form in the world: pottery.  What started out as a class she took with her mother 15 years ago, has now become Clarke-McAdoo’s career.  Trained in the field of culinary arts at Johnson and Wales University, Carren has gifted hands that are drawn to clay.  She creates functional pottery pieces (plates, bowls, vases, etc.) and fine art.  Carren births her creations by the artistic influences from African, Asian and Greek architecture, earth tones related to iron and steel, along with hues of honey, greens, and blues.  Intermingling of the colors produce one of a kind, handmade pieces that are simplistically beautiful.  She has a strong focus on geometric designs and engages in a broad spectrum of research to create her art emphasizing the beauty found randomly in imperfections and natural formations.

Carren loves to share her gift by teaching pottery workshops.  She concentrates on educating her students on its origins, functionality and via wheel-throwing demonstrations, Clarke-McAdoo passes down the craft to her students (especially the youth) showing them that this is a doable skill that can hone into a career.  Carren loves her experiences with the pottery workshops she customizes for the elderly (which assist in strengthening their fine motor skills) and with children (due to their limitless imagination).

Continuously a student of her craft, Carren has had the privilege to travel to the west coast of Africa (Senegal and Gambia thus far) with a group of artists in an artistic tour and cultural exchange called “Artists 2 Africa.”  She is honored to return to the continent in the Fall of 2015.




Artist Spotlight

Kasey Tucker of Wind Branch Binding

Wind Branch Binding was formed in 2014 by Kasey Tucker.  Kasey's passion for binding began when she had started making simple notebooks for family and friends as gifts.  Kasey pursued the process of handcrafting books and journals even further by attending classes at the visual arts center and at Virginia Commonwealth University, and has been love with the art ever since.  Since forming Wind Branch Binding, Kasey has begun distributing locally throughout Richmond, as well as taking on commissioned projects.  Wind Branch Binding's books are all carefully created and range in variety by size, color, and texture. 





Artist Spotlight

Karen Hull Ceramics

Karen Hull is a Richmond ceramic artist who teaches both wheel throwing and hand building clay classes at Visual Arts Center.  Karen holds a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and an MA from Montclair State University.  Her interest in drawing and painting is reflected in the surface treatment of her functional and unique ceramic pieces.  Karen especially loves creating mugs and bowls~ some of her most popular being her signature "Bling" Bowls and RVA Beer mugs. 





Artist Spotlight

Claire Berry of ClarissaB Designs


Claire Berry is the creative force behind ClarissaB Designs.  Some of Her earliest memories are of watching her mother make matching outfits for her and tagging along with her mother to craft shows.  Her fond memories of her childhood and time spent with her mother makes her think that the creations seen in ClarissaB Designs must be from genetics!  Claire graduated from VCU with a BFA in Interior Design and a minor in Business.  In the fall of 2014, she left her Interior Design position to pursue a career as an Art Teacher.


Her flexible schedule has allowed her to use her creative mind and hands to do all the work at ClarissaB - from knitting and sewing scarves to painting wooden earrings and necklaces; Wherever you find ClarissaB, you're bound to see lots of color!





Online Store

We are very excited to share our partnership with Shoptiques and the launching of our new online store!  New locally made accessories, decor, and gifts will be added throughout the weeks to come.  Click "Shop" and start shopping at Orange from your home today!





Artist Spotlight

Renee Stramel of The Sultana


"Art is a compulsion for me.  i do it every day and i am always thinking about what i want to paint or photograph next,  i have a roving eye that ranges from the sweet to the macabre, but i am just interested in so many different things.  i am endlessly curious!"

Renee stramel, of the sultana, is a Richmond native who focuses her art on painting and photography.  with a variety of jobs and career paths; the most influential were repairing cameras and painting watercolor works for old world prints in Richmond,  Renee currently works at the world Art group (formerly named old world prints), where she heads a small team of highly trained artists to create embellished prints and handmade original art pieces.  "it's a great job that allows me a lot of freedom to experiment with new finishes and techniques!"



Artist Spotlight

nancy smith of anoush


Anoush was created by nancy smith in her Lakeside studio.  Her unique, handmade items bring a little exotic luxury into everyday life, and combine her craft and design background with a love for nature, and for the arts and traditions of faraway places.

"Anoush has become a happy home for various interests I’ve collected over the years: my design background, adventures in pottery, and my fascination with the traditions and arts of other cultures are all put to use making fragrances and functional objects that bring a little exotic ambiance and comfort into everyday life." -Nancy SMith

Anoush is committed to using 100% natural, chemical-free plant materials, and food-safe ceramics.






Orange is now selling Mistahdawg tees & hats, a portion of all sales goes directly to support service dogs of Virginia!





we are very excited to announce our new pop-up store, medianoche!

MediaNoche has been based in Los Angeles for eight years, but owner Jill Hammer, a Richmond native, became so smitten with the city on her recent visits home that she decided to set up shop in Carytown. 

“Growing up in Richmond,  I always wanted a store in Carytown.  So when Cathy Torres Davis offered me the mezzanine in her fabulous shop, Orange I just had to go for it. We share the same eclectic style, and Orange is a perfect fit for MediaNoche.”  I’ve been in Los Angeles for the past thirteen years, and I am blown away by how eclectic and cosmopolitan Richmond has become recently.  I am thrilled to be back. ” -Jill hammer


Here's a peek at what MediaNoche has to offer!

Earthling Jewelry from LA designer Erica Clum, made from found objects like Rattlesnake rattles, coyote molars and seahorses.


Exquisite handmade Neo-Victorian and SteamPunk leather hats from Head N’ Home, made in Freedom,CA.

Handmade Gifts and Home Décor from Wolfum, an LA-based couple specialized in printed patterns on wood.

T Shirts from Brooklyn-based American Apothecary, designed using the labels from early 1900s apothecary bottles, when the “medicines” included Opium, Morphine and other remedies.




artist spotlight

Hayden ireland of heartmade arts


Little shop, big heart, lots of art.

When I was two years old my Dad asked me if I wanted to be an artist when I grew up and I answered him with, Daddy, I AM an artist." And that was the beginning and the end of that. At age two, or probably even before that, I had signed myself off as an artist for life. So here I am today, twenty some years later, and I'm still doing what I set out to do...and loving every minute of it!

My art is simple, whimsical, and full of hope. I like to think of myself as a storyteller and each of my pieces carries a special part of my story. I have been painting and drawing for as long as I can remember, but HEARTMADEARTS is a fairly recent addition to my life. My wish is to add as much color and joy to the world as possible, and to tell stories through my paintings that come straight from my heart.







Poesis, the über-cool handbag line, featured twice on FRIENDS and included in Oscars gift bags, launched in 2001 from scientist-turned-fashion-pro Denton Freeman, is back!

What was the inspiration for bringing the bags back? Her fans and customers. Online requests and personal appeals for Poesis spurred Denton, who is considering a full re-launch of the brand, to sell the last of her inventory.

There are only a limited number of Poesis handbags available, so don't miss out!




ARTIST spotlight



Creator, Nicole Maslowski, hand-makes every jewelry piece in her Richmond, VA studio. Nicole was originally educated as a graphic designer- the spot on eye for design is obvious in the simple, yet  still statement pieces in her different collections.




Meet Richmond's very own gypsy-  Amber Kekuna

"The name Gypsy came about some years ago; given to me by coworkers while waiting tables at Outback Steakhouse. At the time, it was bestowed upon me for my love of scarves, constant layers of jewelry, and eclectic style. I've since earned the title by spending a year abroad, backpacking through Central America, and gaining a wanderlust that has me packing my bags and hitting the road for my next adventure every chance I get.

Crafting was natural. I grew up in a creative household, with a mother who sewed most of my clothes as a child, and refused to by anything in the store that she thought she could make. My father had a flair for drawing in his younger days, but became the family shutterbug over the years; eventually handing down to me his Canon camera. I found a love for drawing at a very early age, scribbled on anything I could get my hands on, filled books with sketches, dabbled in pastels, and eventually taught myself to paint in my late teens. Crafting has been a constant throughout my life; I remember coming home with armloads of trinkets I made a summer camp each year, and I always loved making homemade gifts for family and friends. Later on I picked up scrap-booking, which eventually turned into paper crafting and the occasional event styling. I am always on the look out for my next project, a new hobby, or creative endeavor.

The treats came later in life. In my mid-twenties, I decided to teach myself to both cook and bake (never having much interest in either prior). As with learning any new skill, there is a curve. I had more than my fare share of kitchen disasters, but I have learned from my mistakes, and can confidently say that I am both a pretty good cook and a darn good baker.

Rounding out this collection is my love of entertaining. As Monica Geller once said, "I'm always the hostess." There is nothing that makes me happier than throwing a party for friends and family. I will use any excuse to decorate, cook, bake, or play bartender."




Artist spotlight

Cheryl Shanahan of Lucky Ginger Studios


Cheryl Shanahan is a self-taught photographer based in Richmond, Virginia.
“I photograph things that enthuse and amuse me. My garden and travels serve as the greatest inspirations, which I translate onto products that I personally love to use, such as note cards, journals, bag tags and calendars,” says Cheryl, who grew up in Connecticut and New Hampshire.
“Every Lucky Ginger Studio product combines inspiration and an image with a bit of ingenuity. Most flowers you see grows in my garden (I am a confirmed hydrangea junkie); water-inspired images come home with me from the lake. In addition to doing all of the photography and post-production, I also design original graphic elements to complement photographic images on certain products.”
All Lucky Ginger Studio products are made using 100% made-in-America components.

Cheryl designs & creates cards, magnets, desk calendars, prints and more!